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Monday, February 6, 2023
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G7 urges Taliban to reverse ban on NGOs female workers

After United Nations, G7 states foreign ministers have also urged the Taliban to reverse their ban on women working in NGOs and the aid sector in Afghanistan.

Foreign ministers of G7 including Australia, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and the Netherlands issued a joint statement urging Afghanistan to lift the unreasonable ban.

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The statement said, “We are gravely concerned that the Taliban’s reckless and dangerous order… puts at risk millions of Afghans who depend on humanitarian assistance for their survival.”

“We call on the Taliban to urgently reverse this decision,” the statement added.

Many NGOs had already suspended their operations in Afghanistan including Christian Aid, Action Aid, Save the Children, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and CARE.

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Earlier Christian Aid head of global programs Ray Hasan stated that the people of Afghanistan are on the verge of starvation.

“Reports that families are so desperate they have been forced to sell their children to buy food are utterly heartbreaking,” said Christian Aid’s head of global programs.

The Taliban’s ban came at a time when a large number of NGOs across the nation were reliant on humanitarian supplies provided by foreign donors.

Other than that Taliban also halted women’s access to high schools and university education.


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