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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Gambia military coup foils

4 military personnel have been arrested

An attempt to overthrow President Adama Barrow’s government in the African country of Gambia was foiled.

According to foreign media reports, four military personnel involved in plotting to topple President Adama Barrow’s government have been arrested.

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“Based on intelligence reports that some soldiers of the Gambian army were plotting to overthrow the democratically elected government of President Adama Barrow, the (armed forces) in a swift military operation conducted yesterday arrested four soldiers linked to this alleged coup plot,” the government said.

According to reports, a statement issued by the government said that the situation is completely under control and no one needs to panic.

However, it is not yet clear who was behind the coup attempt.

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After Yahya Jammeh’s horrific 22-year dictatorship, the tiny West African nation still struggles to maintain its fragile democracy.

Despite being ousted by political outsider Barrow in the December 2016 presidential elections, Jammeh still influences his own country and fled to Equatorial Guinea.

53 percent of the voting went in favour of Barrow’s reelection in December 2021 for another five-year term.

In the April elections for the 58-seat parliament, he narrowly prevailed but fell short of an absolute majority.


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