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Gastroenteritis patients continue to rise in Lahore

Teaching hospitals in provincial capital receiving 50 percent gastro and diarrhoea patients on daily basis

The gastroenteritis (gastro) outbreak in Lahore seems uncontrolled as the major teaching hospitals of the provincial capital are receiving around 50 to 60 patients daily for treatment, according to a survey conducted by Minute Mirror.

The data collected from various public sector hospitals shows that more than 1500 new cases of gastro were reported in a single day.

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The emergency department of General Hospital reported 3,037 patients in a day, out of which 997 were patients of gastro.

The Services Hospital reported 50 percent patients of gastro. At Mayo Hospital, 38 patients out of 2,000 were carrying the symptoms of diarrhoea while Ganga Ram Hospital’s emergency reported 114 patients of gastro out of 350 in a single day. Meanwhile, Jinnah Hospital reported 50 cases of people suffering from gastro.

The substandard drinks and poor-quality ice being sold in different parts of the city are said to be the main reason for the cases of Acute Watery Diarrhoea.

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The patients approaching the private health facility are more than the reported cases of the major public hospitals. The Children’s Hospital was receiving around 500 patients of diarrhoea on a daily basis.

“My son is feeling pain in stomach and has gotten so weak just in a day,” said a citizen, waiting in the hall of the emergency department of Ganga Ram Hospital.

He said he was waiting for his turn for check-up as there was a huge rush.

A woman was also worried about her son’s health condition who was suffering from diarrhoea.

“These children actually don’t care and roam freely in the street in this hot weather. They drink from the street vendors, get poor quality ice-creams which are causing diarrhoea and gastro,” she said.

Talking to Minute Mirror, Mayo Hospital Dr. Salman Kazmi said the cases of diarrheoa increased every year.

“Around 50 patients are coming to the hospital,” he said, urging the citizens to immediately approach the nearby hospitals for check-up.

He said, “Gastro cases increase in this season every year and will continue for some time.”

He said the diarrhoea and gastro patients always needed immediate care otherwise water shortage could affect their kidneys.

He said poor quality ice was being sold in the markets which was becoming a major reason for gastro.

“The condition of gastro can land a patient in real trouble because his kidneys could be affected,” said Salman Kazmi. He said the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) should also play a role and stop the sale of substandard drinks.

Punjab Health Department spokesperson Syed Hammad Raza said that the department was taking preventive measures and the situation was under control.




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