Fire in Gaza Jabalia refugee camp kills 21

Picture source - AFP

A fire in a building in the Gaza strip resulted in the death of 21 people while many faced severe to minor injuries.

Eyewitness and video that went viral on social media claimed that the entire residential structure in the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip burst into flames and smoke.

The Indonesian Hospital in north Gaza’s emergency services director Dr. Abu Laila called the blaze massive.

The videos posted on social media showed the entire structure engulfed in flames.

The fire broke out when residents were celebrating the return of one of their relatives from abroad in the building.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas referred to the incident as a national tragedy and declared Friday to be a day of sorrow with flags to be lowered to half.

In a tweet, Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz offered that his staff would assist with humanitarian evacuations of the injured to Israeli hospitals.

While the cause of the fire was still unknown, a civil defence unit representative said that fuel supplies were kept in the home.

In response to the fire, a top official Hussein al-sheik of the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank stated that the PA had pushed Israel to activate the Erez gate between Gaza and Israel to allow for immediate medical emergency evacuation of severe cases.


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