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GCU Faisalabad sacks six employees over ghost faculty

Ironically, department with ghost faculty tasked with investigating issue

Government College University (GCU) Faisalabad English Department has been accused of recruiting ghost visiting faculty and embezzling millions of rupees in the name of bogus teachers.

Many big names of the university are likely to be involved in the corruption scandal. The Vice-Chancellor has suspended six employees on the corruption issue. GC University English department teachers are likely to be involved in bogus teacher recruitment and millions rupee corruption scandal and the matter has become even more dubious on the directive of the chairperson of the same department to conduct an inquiry into this scandal, and it is feared that the scandal will be handed over to the files while the Vice-Chancellor has ordered a detailed inquiry.

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A mega corruption scandal has come to light in GC University for recruiting ghost faculty, teaching fake classes through ghost faculty and transferring funds of millions of rupees in its name to its bank accounts. Several administrative officers and employees of the university are being implicated in this corruption scandal. According to sources, the Controller of Examinations of the University and Chairman English Department has been named as the main character in the scandal of recruiting ghost faculty and withdrawing funds through forgery in its name.

Ghost faculty has been recruited with their signatures. In charge of the academic branch of the university’s registrar’s office, a deputy treasurer, a former resident auditor, a former administrative officer of the English department, and other employees from various related branches are reported to be involved in the case.

According to sources, the recruitment and funding of the ghost faculty took place in the English Department of the university and the officers of the administrative offices of the university continued to facilitate them. Taking note of the matter, Vice-Chancellor Dr. Shahid Kamal has suspended six employees involved in a multi-million rupee corruption scandal in the name of bogus faculty. Among them are Sabahat Aslam, Computer Operator of the English Department, Muhammad Nadeem, Assistant from Treasurer’s Office, Irfan Ashraf and Ammar Yasir, Junior Clerk, Additional Registrar’s Office Assistant Bilal and Junior Clerk Irfan Aziz.

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According to sources, the inquiry into the case of bogus teachers in the English department of GC University has also been handed over to the chairperson of the same department, which has made the whole matter suspicious. Because the recruitment of bogus faculty in the English department can take place without the involvement of the head and if they now investigate the matter, what will be the results, everyone knows. According to sources, handing over the inquiry into the ghost faculty scandal to the head of the same department is likely to suppress the matter. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Shahid Kamal has ordered an inquiry into the corruption scandal of recruitment of ghost faculty and embezzlement of millions of rupees. The Vice-Chancellor has strongly directed that no concession should be made to any faculty member and administrative officer involved in the scandal.

In this regard, Dr. Shahid Kamal, Vice-Chancellor, GC University, said that in the case of bogus teachers, after the English Department, there will be inquiries in other fields as well and the scope of this inquiry will be widened. He further said that departmental action would be taken against all those involved in the name of bogus teachers without any discrimination. The Vice-Chancellor clarified that the bogus faculty would make a full recovery of the money received through bogus bills in the name of the teachers recruited.



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