General Bajwa made no promise of elections in 90 days: Report

Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa did not discuss holding elections in 90 days, nor did he make any promises with anyone regarding the issue, the BBC has reported.

Sources told BBC that a few retired military officials did not represent all retired soldiers. Sources further told BBC that only that group could represent retired military officials which was approved by GHQ. They added that such an organization would have as its objective welfare of retired officials, not politics.

The BBC report comes following a press conference by veterans on Monday outside Islamabad Press Club wherein participants claimed that General Bajwa promised in a meeting that elections would be held after 90 days in the country.

Sources that spoke with BBC questioned how an army chief could make such a promise.

They also said that any retired military person could join politics and there were no restrictions as such. They added that no one could do politics in the name of veterans or exploit their connections with the army for political ambitions.

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