German cyber security chief faces dismissal over alleged ties to Moscow

Picture source - Wikipedia Commons

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser is planning to fire the state’s cyber security chief Arne Schoenbohm after the release of a report that accused him of having connections with Moscow.

As per an al-Arabiya report, the interior minister Faeser stated these reports were being taken seriously and would be investigated “comprehensively”.

An investigation by a popular satire program on the ZDF broadcaster also revealed that Schoenbohm has links with Russia.

The whole cyber Security Council is under fire on the allegations of having contacted Russia.

The Handel Blatt daily reported that there was “great annoyance” within the government over the allegations.

The Cyber Security Council Germany denied the allegation on Monday calling them “absurd.”

Schoenbohm co-founded the Cyber Security Council Germany in 2012, which provides cyber security advice to businesses, government agencies, and policymakers.

In recent years Germany has repeatedly accused Russia of cyber-attacks on Germany whereas, Russia has repeatedly denied the accusations of cyber espionage.

The allegations against Schoenbohm came as German police were investigating conduct of “sabotage” on the country’s railway network, with some officials blaming Russia in the aftermath of the Nord Stream pipeline explosions.


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