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Gill’s lonely incarceration sees no PTI leader, worker, family member coming to meet him

Despite 48 hours passing Gill’s arrest by Islamabad police, no Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader, worker or even family member has contacted Shehbaz Gill whereas police has arrested wife of his driver while medical examination of the PTI leader has also been completed.

Shehbaz Gill, chief of staff of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who has been under custody of Islamabad police on sedition charges against the army, has neither been contacted by any party colleague or worker. Normally clothes, food and medicines are supplied to the person in police custody, but media reports citing police sources have said that nobody even came to provide any clothing to the arrested PTI leader.

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The report has also claimed that Shehbaz Gill had nothing except the clothes he was wearing, adding that the PTI leader has even been provided clothes by police itself.

Islamabad police has also confirmed the arrest of wife of Shehbaz Gill’s driver along with another individual. Charges of rioting, assaulting police party and theft have been levied against the arrested.

Gill’s driver, Izhar, has also been nominated in the FIR who was with the PTI leader at the time of his arrest from Banigala.

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According to the FIR, police has said that Gill, who is under remand in police custody, had revealed that he had given his mobile, that contained matter regarding the case against him, to his driver Izhar at the time of arrest.

According to police, a special raiding party went over to Izhar’s house, but due to the dark, along with the hue and cry that ensued, they could only arrest Izhar’s wife Mehreen and Noman while others managed to flee. The police party was also attacked during the raid, according to officials.

Gill’s assistant had posted an audio clip on PTI’s twitter account claiming that large number of police raided the house where his wife and family members were harassed and mobile phones were taken by the police.

PTI leaders, soon after the raid, started condemning the raid and arrests. Police has also issued a statement on the official twitter handle of Islamabad Police, claiming the raid and arrests were legal.

Islamabad police has also got conducted medical examination of Shehbaz Gill from a three member board of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). According to media reports, there were no signs of torture and Gill was in good health.



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