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Girl sexually assaulted at gunpoint

A 25-year-old girl was subjected to sexual assault in Angaro Khan Saheto village near Sindh’s Sujawal district late Sunday night.

It was revealed by a few reliable sources on Monday morning that around four men armed with deadly weapons barged into the house of Abdul Hameed Saheto late on Sunday night. The men then subjected Saheto’s daughter Haseena Saheto to sexual assault and physical torture after holding her hostage in the storeroom of the house.

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The victim girl was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, where the doctor refused to perform a medical examination of the girl, following the alleged involvement of a few influential figures of the area.

The relatives of the victim told reporters that all four perpetrators belonged to their community and were identified by the girl. But despite that, the area police was not taking any action against them. The brother of the girl alleged that the suspects had the backing of a few highly influential figures of the area, which deterred the police from taking any action against them.

Meanwhile, taking notice of the incident, Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Rehana Laghari visited the victim and met her family. She ensured them that the culprits would be behind bars soon.

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“I will apprise Sindh IG about the slackness of local police towards the incident that is blindly toeing the line of few influential figures of the area,” she said, adding that the victim girl had been mercilessly assaulted by the crooks.

After the hue and cry raised by the civil society and leaders of the political parties, Sujawal police sprang into action and detained key accused Dani Bux Saheto, while the hunt was on for his accomplices.



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