Global investors to be tapped for Lahore Central Business District

“Lahore Prime”, a project by Lahore Central Business District Development Authority (LCBDDA), also known as Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), is about to set a new benchmark by making the most innovative Central Business District of Pakistan by attracting the global stakeholders in a conference along with Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) at Pakistan Pavilion, Dubai Expo 2020.

Mr Imran Amin, CEO of LCBDDA & RUDA. Mr Safdar Nazir, VP of Huawei Middle East and Mr Ali Kamran, Board Member LCBDDA, attended the conference at Pakistan Pavilion Dubai Expo 2020 as the main speakers.

Talking about the new development plans, the CEO of LCBDDA & RUDA, Mr Imran Amin, said: “The Central Business District & Ravi City will become a sign of a class and excellence with the new beginning in the field of real estate sector. Apart from improving economic and technical development in Lahore, it will also boost business activities beyond its geographical spread, all across the country and making immense employment opportunities for the people.”

Talking about the new plans to make Central Business District & Ravi City a state of the art society, Mr Safdar Nazir, VP of Huawei Middle East, said: “These projects are a promising step towards a better future by the strength of two key factors, the concentration of talent and unparalleled business efficiency. It will be a manifestation of Pakistan’s vision of becoming an economic powerhouse in the region.”

With the vision of the zero-waste concept, Mr Ali Kamran, Board Member LCBDDA, said: “Central Business District & Ravi City will focus on eradicating waste at the source and throughout the construction activity, so no materials get wasted”. The authorities will ensure that strategies, enablers, and barriers will be made to implement zero waste strategy”, he said. He also noted that mentioned plans were part of priority discussions so that unparalleled business efficiency of the Central Business District and the most extended river city in the region is built upon these strengths.”

LCBDDA promises to give bespoke opportunities and build smart cities with sustainable values for future generations to come. The same plan will transform the real estate development of Pakistan, and generations will get their hands on the best working opportunities and luxurious society to live in.