Government bans import of luxury items to control financial turmoil

The government of Pakistan has put a complete ban on non-essential and luxury items to control the financial turmoil present in the country.

After this decision, Pakistan has become the second country in the region to ban all imported goods after Sri Lanka.

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, in a press conference, on Thursday, said that this was an emergency situation and this ban would have an impact of almost six billion dollars on our foreign reserves.

She said that our local brands now had improved a lot and people should support our local brands as well.

The minister said they [government] were working day and night to control the situation and clean the mess of the previous government.

She said that only their party and its allies could announce the elections and it did not bother them if Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers were putting up camps in Bani Gala.

She also announced that PM Shehbaz would soon address the nation and would tell the people how they [the government] were trying to fix the economy.

The government has decided to ban the import of the following items:

Mobile phones, home appliances, fruits and dry fruits (except Afghanistan), crockery, private weapons and ammunition, shoes, chandeliers and lighting (except energy savers), headphones and loudspeakers, sauces, ketchup, doors and window frames, travel bags and suitcases, sanitary ware, fish and frozen fish, carpets (except Afghanistan), preserved fruits, tissue paper, furniture, shampoos, automobile, confectionery, luxury mattresses and sleeping bags, jams and jelly, cornflakes, bathroom ware/toiletries, heaters/blowers, sunglasses, kitchenware, aerated water, frozen meat, juices, pasta, ice cream, cigarettes, shaving goods, luxury leather apparel, musical instruments, saloon items like hairdryers etc, and chocolates.