Government demands corrective measures for talks with Imran Khan

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Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that talks with Imran Khan were possible only if he took “corrective measures”. Accept the mistake while apologizing to the nation and promise not to take steps like May 9 in the future.

The finance minister has hinted that it is possible, but he has made the talks conditional on Imran Khan’s apology and accepting responsibility for the May 9 incidents.

Dar, while speaking to a private TV Channel, said the government had held “sincere” talks with the PTI before the violent protests broke out across the country and the two sides agreed on all issues except the date of the elections.

“I think at the time of the last round of talks, the parties had agreed on 75 percent of the agenda,” he said, adding that the PTI had accepted that separate elections could not be held in the provinces and the federation and elections should be held on the same day across the country.

The Finance Minister said that peaceful protest is everyone’s right, but attacks on armed forces installations should not be forgiven.

Ishaq Dar further said “PTI was told to talk to its leader, but then May 9 changed the situation, now how can talks be held unless (Imran Khan) apologizes to the nation, he has only condemned the Jinnah House incident, did not condemn the destruction of martyrs’ monuments and military installations.

On the other hand, talking to the media after visiting Jinnah House in Lahore yesterday, Federal Minister Saad Rafique said that Imran Khan used to call political parties thieves and traitors, and used to make fun of talks.

Saad Rafique, while addressing media after his visit of Jinnah House Lahore, also said that despite the differences of many friends, he was in favor of talks.