Government is determined to isolate Imran Khan

Federation doesn’t plan to negotiate, PTI forward bloc will soon emerge and be able to participate in politics by distancing from Imran, Sources

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Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), will not be subjected to any negotiations at this time, and the federal government would not grant the former prime minister and his party any political or legal relief in the wake of the tragedy on May 9.

Additionally, it has been decided that actions will be taken against PTI leaders and others involved in the May 9 tragedy in accordance with the law of the country, and cases against those responsible for the attack on the military installations will be tried as soon as possible in military courts.

Important federation sources have informed that the ruling party cannot accept the PTI leader’s declaration of negotiations with influential persons. The government thinks it is now difficult for the federation to deal with PTI because of the proof of their involvement in the events of May 9.

According to sources, the federal administration is reviewing the situation at the highest level and has determined that the PTI’s narrative has not changed. They said that it appears tough for the federal government to undertake political negotiations with Imran.

According to the sources, the cases brought against the detained participants in this catastrophe, particularly those who attacked military sites, will be heard right away in military tribunals, and appropriate legal action will be taken against them.

They said that the PDM leadership would decide on a plan for the PTI leaders if they made contact with the federal government or any PDM-affiliated party to continue their political endeavors.

According to the sources, the federation does not now plan to negotiate with Imran, but it is still within its legal rights to decide to repress the PTI. They asserted that a PTI forward bloc will soon emerge and be able to take part in national politics by demonstrating political distance from Imran.