Government places limits as PTI demonstrations intensify

    Section 144 implemented in Punjab and Balochistan; PTI protestors burn five police trucks in Karachi and Lahore

    To maintain law and order throughout the country, the government has started enforcing restrictions in various cities. Following the arrest of the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the country’s law and order began to worsen.

    In Punjab and Balochistan, Section 144 has been implemented, and five police trucks have been burned by the protestors in total in Karachi and Lahore.

    Imran Khan was taken into custody on Monday from the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

    Social media and telecom services have begun to be shut down nationwide. There have been complaints of internet outages in several cities.

    Social media starts closing

    Telecom providers have been given orders to halt internet connectivity nationwide, and as a result, Twitter and Facebook have been shut down in several Pakistani cities.

    According to media reports, it may be necessary to entirely cease mobile phone service as well as all internet services across the nation.

    Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube services may potentially be discontinued; this is currently being considered.

    The Lahore district administration sent a letter to the additional chief secretary home, and the home department was informed on the termination of mobile services in the city. In addition to this.


    Ali Zaidi, the head of the PTI Sindh and a former federal minister, was also detained after Imran Khan.

    Ali Zaidi was detained by the police in Kala Pul. On the other side, MPA Adeel Ahmed from Singer Chowrangi has also been detained, according to the party spokeswoman.

    The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has requested support from business community and transporters for a  strike in Karachi.

    PTI members gathered in Karachi, stopped the streets, and began protesting as soon as the news of Imran Khan’s imprisonment was received. Many employees arrived at Insaf House, where protest signs against the government were displayed.

    PTI protestors shot at police officers’ employees while also setting fire to a police truck. At Baloch Colony, PTI protestors set a traffic police station on fire while demonstrators also set motorbikes on fire.

    The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board’s tanker was also set ablaze by the demonstrators.

    Five PTI supporters from the Shahrah-e-Faisal were detained by police for raising a commotion during the demonstration, including a lady.


    As soon as Imran Khan’s detention was confirmed, PTI activists, carrying sticks, gathered at Zaman Park and Liberty Square and blocked many Lahore routes.

    Shanghai Bridge Ferozepur Road was shut down as several solicitors have gathered at GPO Chowk to block the road.

    Some PTI personnel stormed Lahore Cantt and seized control of Sherpao’s first checkpoint there, according to different footages on social media. At Kent Girja Chowk, they also burned a number of vehicles on fire and damaged the security cameras that had been erected at the checkpoint.

    In order to maintain peace and order in the city of Lahore, Rangers have been dispatched.

    The district administration sent a letter to the additional chief secretary home, and the home department was informed on the termination of mobile services in the city. In addition to this.

    Punjab will now be subject to Section 144

    Shakeel Ahmed, additional chief secretary for the home, has also issued a notification to enact Section 144, which prohibits all forms of protest and rallying throughout the province.


    PTI Workers have hurled stones at Rana Sanaullah’s camp in protest of the former prime minister Imran Khan’s detention.

    Additionally, PTI workers burned posters of Rana Sanaullah and yelled anti-Rana Sanaullah chants.


    In an effort to halt the BRT bus service, several PTI protestors in Peshawar also rushed to the streets carrying sticks, and some employees even lay down on the BRT track.

    After Imran Khan was taken into custody, the workers made it to Hasht Nagri and blocked GT Road, while others scaled the BRT track and stopped the buses. At the Assembly Chowk, several protestors were demonstrating.


    PTI members arrived near Jadoon Plaza in Abbottabad and blocked the road to protest Imran Khan’s detention. In order to secure the release of their chairman, the demonstrators vowed to block the route.

    Azad Kashmir

    PTI workers demonstrated against the arrest of Imran Khan in the streets of Azad Kashmir, including the capital Muzaffarabad.

    Protesters in Muzaffarabad began to demonstrate in front of the Press Club, disrupting the city’s traffic flow.

    Section 144 imposed in Balochistan

    Balochistan’s home minister, Mir Ziaullah Langove, gave the police departments directives and said that Section 144 had been implemented in the region.

    Mir Zia Longo declared that although things are tranquil in Balochistan, nothing would be done to enable them to go worse.

    Many roads and motorways closed

    The M1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway is closed from Rashkai, claims the National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP).

    According to the NHMP, traffic is not allowed on the N-5 Jambar, Military Chowk, Jamali Chowk, Rinala Bypass, Chungi No. 26, or the Motorway Islamabad Side.

    Other roads that have been closed include N5 Chamkani, Pabbi, Nowshera, Okara, Khanewal towards Lahore Mor, Mian Channu Toll Plaza near Iqbal Nagar, and Afridi Chowk close to Karamabad.

    Highway and Motor Police said that N5 Bahria Town Karachi, Ravet City, Gujranwala and Alam Chowk in Gujranwala are closed due to public protests.

    Private Schools Closed

    It has also been declared that private schools would be closed tomorrow.

    According to Kashif Mirza, president of the All Pakistan Private Schools Organization, tomorrow’s classes would not be held because of the national emergency.

    He said that the safety of children was the most important. He said that they were monitoring the situation and keeping in view the current situation, it was decided that private schools will remain closed.

    However, exams will be carried out as per routine, according to different universities and boards.