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Govt ‘restarting’ NACTA to combat terrorism: Marriyum

Information minister says government revising National Action Plan, holding NACTA meeting next week

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb on Friday announced that the government had made the decision to “resuscitate” the National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta) and was revising the National Action Plan to counter terrorism in Pakistan.

While addressing the National Assembly today, she observed that terrorism was once again rising in the country. She noted that not a single meeting of NACTA, which was presided over by the prime minister, was held in the previous four years.

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The minister said that after the Army Public School Peshawar attack, the government had readied the National Action Plan to combat terrorism which was passed by the parliament unanimously.

“However for four years, the plan was completely ignored because of the ego of one person (Imran Khan),” she claimed. “Whether it was water, polio or terrorism, that man wasn’t ready to talk to anyone. He never found it necessary,” she added.

Aurangzeb went on to blame Khan as the reason why there was a detachment between the provinces and the centre for the last few years. “On terrorism, the federal government can talk on a policy level. It can talk about law enforcement agencies. But the role of provinces is the most important,” the information minister said.

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She stressed that the provinces’ role was clearly demarcated in the National Action Plan. “The entire mechanism of coordination [between the provinces and the centre] has been outlined in it,” she said, adding that this was why a decline in terrorist activities was seen during 2015 and 2018.




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