Govt teachers protest against ‘no pay raise’

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Faculty members employed under the Tenured Track System (TTS) at public sector universities in Pakistan protested outside the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Secretariat in Islamabad. The protest was against the lack of salary increases for several years, which has put the teachers in financial difficulties due to rising inflation.

The protesting teachers demanded a salary increase of up to 50% and criticized the infrequent and minimal salary adjustments they have received over the past two decades. They also called for the increment method for TTS faculty members to be aligned with that of government employees. Additionally, they requested that the heirs of deceased teachers receive 50% of their salary until retirement. The teachers also expressed concerns about the suspension of their salary accounts for the past two years and urged the government to address the issue.

The protesters voiced their dissatisfaction with the HEC authorities, including the chairman, for their perceived lack of seriousness in resolving their issues. However, they temporarily called off the protest after being assured by HEC officials that their concerns would be taken up with the government. The HEC had already sent a letter to the government, urging action on the matter.

Before TTS, faculty members in public sector universities were placed under the Basic Pay Scale (BPS) system, which was considered less attractive due to low salaries and limited performance incentives.

Former HEC chairman, Dr. Tariq Banuri, acknowledged the positive impact of the TTS in terms of promoting research output and competitiveness among faculty members. He emphasized that the system’s influence extended beyond those directly enrolled in the TTS, impacting faculty members under the BPS system and students planning their future careers.