Grisly murder

Karachi is once again becoming a centre of grisly murders by muggers and criminal assassins. The latest victim of this death-trap was Professor Dr. Zain ul Abdi of the Sindh University, who was allegedly murdered on his way from a religious gathering under mysterious conditions. Despite the ongoing crackdown on criminals by the law enforcement agencies with the help of the army, there seems no end to such killings. It seems that they all have failed to restore peace in the biggest city of Pakistan. So far, the police have taken into custody a man in connection with the killing of the professor. Mystery shrouds the case as the investigators are trying to determine as to where the incident had actually taken place because there was no blood inside the vehicle and the glasses were also intact. The law enforcement agencies need to thoroughly probe this case and resolve this murder mystery.

The fatal shooting of a noted educationist depicts the poor state of our society. We seem to be living in a country where the law of the jungle prevails. The incident is not the first one where an innocent has been killed. Many examples exist of such killings. The case must be pursued to its logical end. Transparent investigation must be conducted into the killing and those responsible must be punished accordingly. The concerned authorities need to wake up and take up their responsibilities of fixing these problems. Karachi is home to a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural melting pot with an ever expanding and changing demography. All these complications have led to Karachi becoming a safe haven for lawlessness, terrorism, criminal and political turf wars and all sorts of crimes. The menace of killing by dacoits has plagued Karachi for years. The question arises that who is responsible for this mess and what is being done other than the usual mantra of ‘steps being taken’. Fingers are being raised at the performance of the incumbent PPP Sindh government. Solid measures need to be taken against perpetrators of such crimes.