Guilty of treason? Shah Mahmood ready to accept the consequences

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PTI Vice Chairman and former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that if he has betrayed the country, he will be hanged.

Shah Mehmood’s recent appearance in the special court of Islamabad for the cipher case has sparked significant attention. During an informal conversation with the media, he passionately expressed his love for the country and vehemently denied any betrayal. He boldly stated, “Death is certain, where a few steps away is the gallows. I confidently declare my loyalty to the country. If I have committed treason against the nation, then I accept being hanged on the gallows.”

Shah Mehmood emphasized that the PTI chairman has remained consistent in his stance, leaving no room for ambiguity. He firmly believes in prioritizing the interests of Pakistan, especially during these challenging times of economic and constitutional crises. According to him, the solution lies in conducting transparent elections, which can help address the prevailing issues.

Moreover, he urged everyone to rise above personal egos and reflect on their attitudes. With the country facing difficulties, it is crucial for individuals to think beyond themselves and contribute towards finding effective solutions.

The situation surrounding Shah Mehmood’s appearance in court and his passionate defense of his loyalty to the country has generated significant debate and interest. As the events unfold, it is essential to closely monitor the developments and their potential impact on the political landscape.

In conclusion, Shah Mehmood’s unwavering commitment to Pakistan and his call for transparent elections serve as a reminder of the importance of putting the nation’s interests first. The ongoing proceedings in the cipher case continue to captivate public attention, highlighting the need for a thorough examination of the situation.