Guinness world record includes Pakistani parents and 7 children having same birthday

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    A family from Larkana in Pakistan’s Sindh province has made a unique and interesting record and fate has included their name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    According to Guinness World Records, The date of birth of Amir and Khadija of Larkana is August 1, while their seven children were also born on the same day in different years.

    According to the report, after a year of marriage, a daughter was born in their house on August 1.

    The seven children in this family of Larkana are aged between 19 and 30 years, while two brothers and two sisters are also twins, the elder daughter’s name is Sindhu, then two twin girls named Sasi and Sapna, then Amir, Amber and two twin sons Ammar and Ahmar.

    In this regard, the head of the house, Amir, said that i was not surprised when my elder daughter Sindhu was also born on August 1.

    He said that khadija and I used to be left behind at the birth of every child, we think that this is a gift from Allah for us.

    According to the report, all seven children were born naturally on the same date, nor were any children born prematurely, nor did they make any such plans.

    It should be noted that earlier the record of the highest number of births of family members on a single day was held by five children in the United States, who were born on February 20 between 1952 and 1966.