Hadiqa Kiani and Fahad Hussayn collaborate for ‘Hazaron Khuwahishain’

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Hadiqa Kiani and Fahad Hussayn collaborate on the emotional music video ‘Hazaron Khuwahishain,’ which goes beyond a mere fashion showcase.

The video tells a poignant story of a mother bidding farewell to her daughter on her wedding day, evoking feelings of melancholy and love. Through the visual narrative, viewers are captivated by the intricate details of the embellished bridal dupatta, hand embroideries, and a mix of colors and patterns.

Fahad Hussayn, known for his inventive ways of presenting designs, has once again brought his unique artistic vision to life. Instead of a traditional fashion shoot, he creates music videos that enhance the storytelling experience.

In the past, Fahad has produced memorable music videos for his collections, such as “Mera Jora” featuring Iqra Aziz and “Guddi Wang” with a vibrant wedding bus scene. “Hazaron Khuwahishain” showcases Hadiqa Kiani as a tearful mother preparing for her daughter’s wedding, intertwined with flashbacks of precious memories.

The collaboration between Fahad and Hadiqa was born out of a shared artistic sensibility, and the song holds a special significance as it was the last kalam (poetry) written by Hadiqa’s late mother.

The video features outfits from Fahad’s latest couture line, carefully chosen to suit the characters and their emotions. Hadiqa wears a lehenga adorned with gota work and a lightly worked dupatta, while Sehar, playing the bride, is seen in a classic red bridal ensemble.

The video not only tells the story of a mother and daughter but also serves as a metaphor for various emotional connections.

The collaboration between Hadiqa and Fahad brings together their creative talents, friendship, and love for each other’s work. The video was shot in the lavish setting of Lahore’s Junoon restaurant, designed by Fahad himself.