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Hadiqa Kiani busy reading her next script

One of the most sought-after actresses these days is Hadiqa Kiani, who turned from a singer into an actor and won hearts exactly the way she did with her music.

These days, the ‘Boohay Barian’ fame singer is busy reading her next script, as told by the singer-cum-actor herself on Instagram where she shared a few photos in which she could be seen engrossed in a script while comfortably sitting on a vintage styled wooden chair.

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“Reading my new script” was how her caption went, inclining many to lose their calm and express their excitement on Kiani’s upcoming dramatic project, which will definitely be another blockbuster considering the meticulousness which she exhibits while choosing a drama. It was for the same reason that after years and years of being offered multiple acting projects, Hadiqa Kiani said ‘yes’ to Bee Gul’s unique televised love-story titled ‘Raqeeb Se’, before which she only made a cameo in Farhat Ishtiaq’s ‘Udaari’. After garnering unforeseen success for ‘Raqeeb Se’, Hadiqa Kiani went for Danish Nawaz’s ‘Dobara’ which is currently running on television as one of the most-admired dramas. Not only this, but Kiani will soon be featuring in ‘Pinjra’ penned by the late Asma Nabeel and directed by Wajahat Rauf.

Now, it is the fourth project of hers which has her fans excited. It still isn’t known if Hadiqa likes the script or not. Nonetheless, having witnessed her acting prowess, the audience wants to see more and more of the ‘Janaan’ fame singer on screen.



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