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Hajra Yamin’s performance makes “Mohabbat Chor Di Mein Ne” a must-watch

In the very first episode of Geo TV’s drama “Mohabbat Chor Di Mein Ne”, Hajra Yamin manages to entice the viewers with a wonderful performance

“Mohabbat Chor Di Mein Ne” has just replaced “Rang Mahal” on Geo TV. Written by Naila Ansari and directed by Shaqielle Khan, the serial focusses on the psyche of filthy rich people who single-handedly make their way through life’s vicissitudes and thus grow up into ruthless and selfish human beings.

The role of such an affluent person is being performed by Hajra Yamin, while Mohsin Abbas Haider plays her husband and Rushna Khan her sister-in-law. The serial’s very first episode went on air on the 7th of October and instantly enticed the viewers with Hajra Yamin’s wonderful portrayal of a rich and proud woman who doesn’t let anyone forget that she has helped the family witness good, wealthy days.

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Yamin portrays the character well by casting side glances, by sprinkling her speeches with a few words from English and by remaining well-attired all the time. While these gestures on her part reflect the pride in her character and the class consciousness that has gradually seeped into her personality, her condescending attitude towards her husband and parents alike is what tells that she hasn’t ever depended on anyone both emotionally and financially, and therefore doesn’t owe subordination to anyone, be it her own father.

The writer and the director, no doubt, are to be credited for the character development and its dialogues and on-screen looks, but Hajra Yamin does justice to her character by carrying it in a remarkable manner and proves that no other actress could have enacted it the way she has.

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Yamin’s looks, good pronunciation of both Urdu and English languages and pursed lips that aptly complement the mean character that she is playing combine together to produce a flawless acting job. Moreover, the actress doesn’t go overboard in her portrayal of a proud woman, which could have been done easily by adding loudness to the dialogues. Instead, the actress chooses to remain as much quiet, calm and controlled as possible and manages to get away with her assertive attitude all the same.

At some points, the character also comes to the fore as manipulative. Unlike most of the actresses who decide to execute such roles more with the help of raised eyebrows and evil smiles and less with their dialogue delivery, Yamin decides to go for the latter. At no point in the episode the viewers could see Hajra Yamin raising her eyebrows or giving nasty smiles like Star Plus heroines. Instead, it could be clearly seen that it was with the help of good dialogue delivery, and a keen observation of people who are indifferent towards their fellow beings that Yamin has played her character of a conceited lady; the best examples being her scenes with Rushna Khan in which she insults her co-actor yet is very confident about how she has to blackmail everyone into believing that she herself is right.

Of all the performers, Hajra Yamin stole the show in the very first episode and has already developed an interest in the serial. The story too, is interesting, something that was already expected of a writer like Naila Ansari who recently acquired a lot of appreciation for her ARY serial, “Ruswaayi”. “Mohabbat Chor Di Mein Ne” can be watched daily on GEO TV at 9 o’ clock at night.


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