Hamas leader expresses concern over Muslim states easing up to Israel

Representative of Hamas in Iran Dr. Khaled Qadomi has expressed concerns over moves among Muslim states to recognize Israel.

Talking to Minute Mirror on phone from Tehran, Dr. Qadomi said the countries who believed their economy would grow after building ties with the Jewish state should learn from the experiences of Egypt and Jordon.

Over 50 percent population of both the states was living below the poverty lines after decades of establishing diplomatic ties with the Israel, he said while sharing views in backdrop of a recent row in Pakistan over recognition of Israel.

Israel President Isaac Herzog said he recently received a delegation of Pakistani-Americans and called it an amazing experience. His statement was made during an address to the World Economic Forum meeting on May 26 in Davos, Switzerland, and created a storm in Pakistani media and on social websites. It invited harsh criticism from different segments of the society against the government, which strictly denied its involvement in the tour organized by an Israeli NGO.

Dr. Qadomi said the moves by some Islamic states to recognize Israel badly hurt the feelings of Palestinians who had been putting strict resistance and losing their lives and homes in a struggle against the illegitimate Zionist state since decades.

Israel, he believed, had also lost its complete moral standing among the Europeans and Americans but the powerful establishment in West was providing backing to the crimes of the illegitimate state against the will of their people. Now, he added, Israel had started charming the Islamic world on an agenda to prove its so-called legitimacy to the non-Muslim world.

These tactics of the occupants of the holy land would never succeed, he said, adding the resistance of the young Palestinians forced Israeli forces equipped with all modern weapons to make a retreat in recent attacks on Mosque al-Aqsa and other areas. Palestinians, he vowed, would never accept Israel till the last drop of blood in their bodies.

Religious parties of Pakistan have also expressed severe anger over Pakistani delegation’s visit to Israel and called for an inquiry.

Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Ameerul Azim said there should be an impartial investigation to pinpoint the responsibility behind the visit. In a statement, issued from JI headquarters Mansoorah on Monday, he said the nation wanted to know who allowed Pakistani passport holders to visit Israel. The government must cancel citizenship of the Pakistanis who went to meet Israeli president, he said, demanding ban on the NGO which arranged the tour.

Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen, Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan and Jamiat Ahle Hadith also expressed severe anger over the visit, asking the government to stop fulfilling the agenda of the west and other powers.