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Hassan Ahmed issues an apology video – takes back his statements regarding Aiman, Muneeb and Azaan Sami Khan

Actor Hassan Ahmed, who also happens to be the husband of super-model Sunita Marshall, went viral this week for some of his statements against popular members of the showbiz industry.

On a celebrity talk-show, Ahmed was observed saying that the celebrity couple of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt was but inorganic, considering how they had ‘bought’ their Instagram followers instead of enticing them through real hard-work or glam.

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He was also found issuing a statement regarding music producer and singer-turned-actor, Azaan Sami Khan. According to Hassan Ahmed, Azaan Sami Khan should stick to his inherent talent of singing and composing music instead of trying his hands at acting. Openly referring to his currently running drama serial ‘Ishq e Laa’, Ahmed said that Azaan’s acting was ‘weak’ in it.

However, both of his opinions did not sit right with the public which instantly called him out and schooled him for his harsh take on other actors and their Instagram following. However, Hassan didn’t decide to exhibit obstinacy and readily made an apology video and shared it on the internet, being sorry for his statements and also saying that he takes his words back. Interestingly, he also added that such statements reflected nothing but jealousy, something which everyone should abstain from.

Fans have appreciated Hassan Ahmed’s step of accepting that what he said was hurtful, and are now hailing him as a true gentleman and a good human being who did not take long to apologize when told that he was wrong.



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