‘Haunted painting’, impossible to get rid of

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The charity shop in a small town in the UK has a painting that the shop owner has described as “haunted”.

The reason for describing this painting as haunted is very interesting. This painting has been sold twice but mysteriously it returned to the shop both times. This painting is of a young girl dressed in red, who looks arrogant.

According to the British news agency, this painting was donated to the shop by a middle-aged man along with some other pictures.

Store manager Steve explains that the little girl’s eyes are scary enough to follow you into the room. He said that the painting, which was previously worth 25 pounds, was sold to its first owner but the painting returned in less than two days.

“I have to get rid of this picture,” Steve

“The picture has a strange charm, so we put it in the window describing it as “possibly haunted”, he said.

Steve’s strategy worked and soon the photo was sold back to a new woman, but she too immediately returned the picture, saying that the picture was ‘shaky and disturbing’ and ‘she never wanted to see this haunted thing again’.

Now the photo is labeled for resale, which says “It’s back!! Sold twice and came back twice! Are you brave enough?”

When the news went viral on social media, people likened it to “Annabelle” and other haunted dolls.