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‘He doesn’t know how to cook!’ says Usman Mukhtar’s wife

Following the question-answer trend on the internet, actor Usman Mukhtar’s wife Zunaira Inam also created a session on her Instagram to get in touch with the couple’s fans.

One of the fans asked Zunaira regarding her favourite dish cooked by Usman, to which she humorously responded by saying “Khayali pulao, because he (Usman Mukhtar) doesn’t know how to cook”.

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While many took it lightly, a few millennials seemed upset at the fact that in the houses of celebrities, who are looked up to, when it comes to gender equality, such discrimination exists in which it is only the wife who knows how to cook. This, people opine, sets up a regressive standard where the husband is least interested in activities which in the times we are living in, should be shared by both the partners in a relationship.

The husband and wife haven’t responded to such statements which have given a rather serious turn to a discourse which was only supposed to be funny. However, it is expected that Usman Mukhtar will soon make it to his Instagram account and send across a subtle video message responding to the trolls, something he often does when burdened with social media jibes.



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