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‘He needed help’: Mathira on Aamir Liaquat’s demise

Famous TV personality Aamir Liaquat suddenly passed away on June 9 to the shock of many, as no one was expecting the death to take place without any prior notice of a deteriorating health. Now that the celebrity has passed away, many are believing the reason to be a failing mental health, considering how a month back, his nude videos got leaked by his third wife.

In the wake of his sudden demise, TV host Mathira took to Instagram to share a conversation which she had with Aamir Liaquat just a few days before his death, and in which she had asked him to come to his show for an interview. The chat showed Aamir Liaquat’s responses to Mathira as quite depressing, suggesting a disturbed mindset not ready to give an interview unless dealt with considerately. Along with the screenshot of the interview, Mathira also penned a lengthy caption defending Liaquat, saying that no matter what kind of controversies he was involved in, his nude videos made a strong impact on his health and no one stood by him. This is how Mathira’s caption went:

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“Pretty sad. This is a horrible news. Was talking to him through messages for an interview and he was devastated, sad and bullied. People made fun of him when he needed help…his ex-wife leaked his nudes and no one stood by him but they all made fun of him. He was asking for help and yet everyone made fun of him. People make mistakes. We’re humans. But don’t push them to death. In my last convo he really wanted to sit and do an interview and talk his heart out! RIP Aamir bhai.”


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