Heard-Depp trial received roughly 10 times attention than COVID-19 last month

The defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp received roughly 10 times the attention on the internet, and social media sites in particular, than COVID-19 and five times the engagement that the war between Russia and Ukraine received.

In an infographic released by a social media trend monitor NewsWhip, the trial between the two Hollywood stars received an average of 508 social media interactions as opposed to COVID-19’s 44.

The chart depicts the average number of social media engagements per every published article online.

The data shows that even though the war between Russia and Ukraine has been a major ongoing issue, the Heard-Depp trial received five times the engagement as it.

Although celebrity related topics drive more traffic online, the Russian-Ukrainian has been a major issue online.

In comparison, Elon Musk, who has been in talks to purchase the social media platform Twitter, received four times the attention as compared to the war and ten times the attention as compared to COVID-19.

An analysis by a media outlet Axios, said that trial went viral due to live coverage being broadcasted on multiple platforms. Clips from the proceedings were later turned into memes and circulated online which quickly went viral.

On the other hand, the Russian-Ukraine War has also been widely covered and publicised by security monitors on Twitter, with most of the news about the war coming from videos shared by these monitors.