Here is world’s largest truck, can carry 500 tons

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    The BELAZ-75710, a remarkable creation by Belarusian company BELAZ, holds the prestigious title of being the world’s largest truck, with an incredible capacity to carry a colossal 500 tons. Since its introduction in 2013, this monumental truck has reestablished BELAZ’s prominence in the industry, building upon their previous success during the Soviet Union era when they captivated the world with their mammoth truck production from their headquarters in Zhodino, Belarus.

    After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, BELAZ faced tough competition from Western manufacturers like Caterpillar, Liebherr, and Bucyrus, who surpassed them in the field of truck manufacturing. However, BELAZ’s determination and innovation culminated in the creation of a truck that surpassed all others in size and capability.

    Weighing an astounding 360 tons and measuring an impressive 8.2 meters in length and 9.7 meters in width, the BELAZ-75710 is officially declared to have a load-carrying capacity of 450 tons. Nonetheless, in 2014, it achieved an extraordinary feat by setting a Guinness World Record, lifting an astounding weight of 503.5 tons.

    In conclusion, the BELAZ-75710 truck is a testament to BELAZ’s engineering prowess and signifies their resurgence as industry leaders. With its immense size, extraordinary strength, and unmatched achievements, this mammoth truck has secured its place in history, cementing the BELAZ name in the annals of truck manufacturing.