Hilarious food delivery prank goes viral: Girl send food to ex!

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In India, a girl’s clever and comical revenge strategy has taken the internet by storm. She’s been delightfully ordering food for her ex-boyfriend with option of cash on dilivery cheekily making him to foot the bill through delibvery app ‘Zomato.’

They took to Twitter and posted a witty message, addressing the girl by her first name, warning her not to place any more food orders for her ex-boyfriend. On Twitter Zomato even mentioned the city she lives in – Bhopal!

The post from ‘Zomato’ read, “Hey Ankita from Bhopal, please don’t order food for your ex-boyfriend anymore because he denies paying for it after delivery!”

People flooded the comments with laughter and some even created memes to add to the fun. Some ladies even started praising Ankita, encouraging her to keep the orders coming!

Well, one thing’s for sure, this funny incident has certainly gone viral and made everyone’s day! So, next time you want to prank your ex, remember, you might just end up as the talk of the internet!

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