Hina Altaf’s ‘Dil Zaar Zaar’ to replace ‘Fasiq’

Popular soap ‘Fasiq’ wrapped up on March 9 after exceeding 100 episodes, with the last episode of the drama serial serving justice to all the characters; the titular character was sent behind the bars for killing one wife, divorcing the other and cheating another.

The character of Fatima, who was awaiting justice ever since the first episode of the soap, gets married to the right person (Umair), who is ready to accept her as a divorced, single mother.

With ‘Fasiq’ having ended, its slot will now be covered by another star-studded serial titled ‘Dil Zaar Zaar’, which has been penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and boasts of a stellar cast including Hina Altaf, Sami Khan, Yasir Nawaz, Maria Wasti, Sunita Marshall, Azfar Rehman, Rubina Ashraf, Asma Abbas, Shabbir Jan and Kamran Jilani.

From the teasers, the serial promises to be a take on societal taboos, with the leading actress playing the role of a sexually abused woman who has to bear the brunt of it in a patriarchal society.


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