Historians reveal Israel’s use of Poison against Palestinians in 1948

Picture source - EPA

A Middle Eastern Studies recent article “‘Cast thy bread’: Biological warfare used by Israel during the 1948 war” by historians Benny Morris and Benjamin Kedar revealed details of Israel’s covert utilization of bioweapons and poison against Palestinians during the systematic genocide campaign of 1947-48.

According to the article, Israel tried mass poisoning during the 1948 war, well before the mishandled assassination attempt on Hamas’ Meshal 25 years ago.

The authors stated Israel’s bacteriological warfare campaign during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, in which Israel used bacteria in addition to conventional weapons against the Arabs of Palestine and the surrounding Arab states.

According to Morris and Kedar’s research, scientists from specific crops, in collaboration with battlefield units, toxin well water and spread typhoid bacteria in Arab villages and occupied areas of Egypt and Jordan. The reason was to frighten Arab-Palestinian and force them to leave the territory
David Ben-Gurion, the creator of the Jewish state and former Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Israel, gave his approval to the operation.

David Ben consulted the father of Israel’s nuclear program, Prof. David Ernest Bergman, who, along with the Israeli army’s de facto Chief of General Staff, Yigael Yadin, opposed it.

Kedar and Morris decoded the name of the operation which was “Cast thy Bread”.

Kedar, Morris, and two other Israeli scholars, Professors Ilan Pappe and Avi Shlaim, also deconstructed the annexation state’s official narrative about its establishment in 1948 and talked about the emergence of the Palestinian refugee crisis.

Whereas, Morris in the article stated “I find myself as convinced as ever that the Israelis played a major role in ridding the country of tens of thousands of Arabs during the 1948 war.”

Morris also defended Israel after getting backlash and stated “I also believe their [Israeli] actions were inevitable and made sense.”


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