Hottest June on record in London, UK

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London experienced its hottest June ever recorded, according to the national weather service of Britain. The Met Office stated that this new record highlights the increasing likelihood of extreme temperatures due to human-induced climate change. With an average mean temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, June surpassed previous records set in 1940 and 1976, which were 14.9°C.

Meteorologist Clare Nasir expressed concerns about the rising heat levels, emphasizing that all indications point to a worrisome trend of hotter temperatures that last longer. Furthermore, the Met Office noted that a marine heatwave in the North Atlantic contributed to elevating land temperatures in Britain. Additionally, rainfall in June was only 68% of the expected average.

The Met Office considers this new record as clear evidence of climate change, stating that their scientists’ research suggests that the likelihood of June temperatures surpassing 14.9°C has at least doubled since the 1940s.

In simpler terms, London had its hottest June ever. The weather service says that human activities are causing climate change, which makes extreme temperatures more likely. The average temperature in June was 16 degrees Celsius, higher than the previous records from 1940 and 1976, which were 14.9°C.

A weather expert named Clare Nasir is worried because it seems like the heat is increasing, getting more intense, and lasting longer. The North Atlantic had a heatwave, which affected land temperatures in London. Also, it didn’t rain as much as usual in June.

The weather service says that this new record is another piece of evidence showing that climate change is happening. They studied the numbers and found that the chance of June being hotter than 14.9°C has become at least twice as likely since the 1940s.