How to get glowing skin during Ramazan?

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Whenever there is a question about flaky or unhealthy skin; the answer by the masses will be to drink more water. Yes, we can’t ignore the fact that water intake contributes to a great extent to dewy skin.

But we often subside other vital factors which are also contributing to the health of your skin. Especially during Ramazan, keeping up with water intake is not easy. So we jotted down a few other major reasons we all need to take into account. So, prepare your skin even before Ramzan with these helpful tips.

Drink lots of water

When to drink an extra glass of water during Ramazan? Before sehri or right after iftar? This is the question popping into the minds of all of us. During Ramazan, it is a bit daunting to keep up with your water intake. So can we compromise on this for one month? Not at all! Because we all want glowing skin on Eid.

So you all have to go the extra mile and take some measures for your skin. Increase water intake before Sehr and after Iftar. Here is a good tip: Keep a filled water bottle with you. Yes, this tip helps. Trust us it goes a long way. A water bottle is not just helpful to carry your water but is also a reminder for you. Every time you see your bottle, it will remind you that it is your water intake tim

Skin care goes a long way

Keeping up your water intake is pivotal for glowing skin but to double the effect, follow a healthy skincare routine as well. You must keep your skin hydrated. For this, invest in good moisturizers, toners, and serums according to your skin type. These serums will help you to nourish your skin on a deeper level.

Don’t ignore the role of superfoods  

We all know that Ramadan is incomplete without Pakoras and Samosas. But we can’t ignore the fact that these fried items can clog your pores and you can face outbreaks. Surely you don’t want this before Eid. On other hand, this kind of food also disturbs your digestion process. and we all know that for healthy skin healthy gut is vital.

So add some superfoods to your Sehr and Iftar meals. Load up on some fruits like apples, watermelon, and strawberries which are high in antioxidants. Also try to cut on carbs and eat high-protein foods like fish, egg, and chicken with some vegetables like zucchini and broccoli, lettuce, iceberg, and cucumber.

We know your taste buds might don’t like it but your gut will be thankful to you. So try to cut on these oily foods

Replace coffee or tea with green tea

After Iftar and Sehr first thing we all crave is tea or coffee. But if you want to get glowing skin, replace your coffee/tea with green tea. There are countless options for you. 

You can opt for any one which you find good for your taste buds and gut. From Hibiscus tea to Chamomile tea, every green tea will benefit your body and skin. So try them for individual purposes.

Pro Tip: If you don’t like the taste of green tea, add some sugar and lemon. It will help your taste buds.