HSY reveals Mehwish Hayat as his choice if forced to marry at gunpoint

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Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), the famous Pakistani designer and actor, has revealed that if he were ever forced to marry at gunpoint, his choice would be the actress Mehwish Hayat.

During a recent appearance on a private TV program, HSY shared several memorable moments from his life, discussing aspects of his personal and professional journey.

He reminisced, “My childhood was spent in New York City, and later, during our time in London, I had the opportunity to witness Princess Diana’s wedding, an event that remains vivid in my memory.”

Recalling the experience, he added, “At that young age, amid the crowd, I saw Princess Diana in her exquisite white dress, and people were praising her beauty. This sight left a lasting impression on me. When I returned home after the wedding, I began creating paper dolls, dressing them in attire similar to Princess Diana’s, and I adored my sister’s doll with it.”

HSY also shared insights into his early life, saying, “I pursued my education in New York and started earning money at the age of 12 by selling French fries on the streets and working in a library.”

When asked about the hypothetical situation of being forced to marry, HSY humorously responded, “If someone ever compels me to marry at gunpoint, I would choose Mehwish Hayat. Friendship holds great importance in any relationship.”

He clarified, “Let me be clear that there are no romantic feelings between us, but our friendship is exceptionally strong and precious.”