Huda Beauty apologises for negative tone in video featuring young content creator    

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Boston-based content creator Mina Hasan was ecstatic when Huda Beauty, a billion-dollar cosmetics company founded by Huda Kattan, approached her on Instagram to ask for permission to share a TikTok video of hers showcasing the colour-correcting trend.

Hasan eagerly agreed, hoping that the post would help her reach a broader audience. However, when Kattan posted a reaction video, Hasan was taken aback. In the video, Kattan criticised the trend, saying that it was unnecessary to use so many colour correctors.

Hasan felt that the tone of the video was condescending and contradictory to the positive tone of the original message from Huda Beauty. Many viewers agreed, saying that Kattan’s reaction was aggressive and had mean-girl energy. Some even accused Kattan of being more forgiving towards white content creators than brown artists.

Hasan expressed her disappointment in a video, and Kattan later posted an apology video, acknowledging that the original message should have said “reaction” instead of “repost.” Kattan explained that sometimes she says things she doesn’t mean when recording, and she didn’t have a chance to review the video before posting it. She apologised from the bottom of her heart and hoped that they could move past the incident.

While some users are still criticising Kattan for not being more responsible while posting the reaction, others appreciate her for apologising publicly. As a beauty mogul, Kattan is entitled to her opinion, but she should be extra careful while making videos that could be hurtful to others, especially younger creators who look up to her.