HUM TV unveils the first look of “Ishq e Laa”, and the cast is adorable!

HUM TV had kept everyone’s curiosity aroused for the past few days, as the channel had promised to release the first look of its highly anticipated serial, “Ishq e Laa” on the 24th of September.

Finally unveiled on the decided date, the first look carries a soft flute music playing in the background, while the names of the leading actors unfold on the interface along-with their stills from the drama. The teaser, mentioning Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi as two of the main performers, also tells that it will be introducing Azaan Sami Khan as an actor, who has hitherto been known for being a singer and a composer taking after his father, Adnan Sami Khan.

Apart from the three mentioned, director Amin Iqbal has told that the rest of the cast also includes the best of Pakistan’s actors such as Uzma Hassan, Usman Peerzada, Seemi Raheel, Ghazala Kaifi and Sohail Sameer. 

“Ishq e Laa” has been written by Qaisera Hayat, an already popular writer known for having penned hits like “Dil-ruba”, “Daldal” and “Alif, Allah aur Insan” to name only a few, while Amin Iqbal is an equally respectable name in the field of direction, who never follows the conventional style of story-telling yet succeeds in producing timeless dramatic works like “Dil Mohalle Ki Haweli” and “Deedan”. Iqbal has usually been seen working for GEO TV and ARY Digital. The director working for HUM TV is something everyone is looking forward to, in order to see what kind of results this rare collaboration yields. 

The exact releasing date of “Ishq e Laa’ hasn’t been announced yet, but the revelation of the first look tells that we won’t have to wait for long for the serial to hit our screens.