Humaima Malik apologizes to Mohsin Abbas Haider; People change

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In the latest episode of Mohsin Abbas Haider’s show “Public Demand,” Humaima Malick made an appearance as a guest.

She express gratitude to the host for the invite and further apologized for her previous strong remarks against him.

However, she did not specify what she was apologizing for, netizens speculated she referred to the time when she supported Fatima Sohail’s accusations of domestic violence against Mohsin.

During the show, Humaima hugged Mohsin, who in return kissed her head. She conveyed that people and circumstances change, and people change, influencing how they communicate.

However, Netizens also speculate it’s a PR move from Humaima Malik’s end to support his brother, Feroze Khan, who is also an alleged domestic abuser.

In 2019, Mohsin faced allegations of an extramarital affair and domestic violence by his then-wife, Fatima Sohail.

Several celebrities, including Humaima and her sister Dua, criticized Mohsin during that period.

Despite the backlash, Mohsin didn’t face significant consequences, and he continued to act in Pakistani TV series and host “Public Demand” on Public News.

Following the alleged affair and domestic abuse, Mohsin and Fatima separated, sharing a son.