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Humayun Saeed introduces fans to pre-production work of Pak-Turk mega-series ‘Selahaddin Eyyubi’

Pakistani viewers’ predilection for period dramas (especially those revolving around Islamic history) has led the country’s producers to go for a joint production with Turkey to bring an altogether new and original historical series by the name of ‘Selahaddin Eyyubi’.

The auditions for the project and the signing of contracts between the two countries has been going on for quite a while, but it is now that the veteran actor and giant producer Humayun Saeed has introduced curious fans to the pre-production work of the series.

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Saeed shared a video on his social media accounts yesterday which was titled as ‘The Making of Selahuddin Eyyubi’ and which showed the set being designed for the project. Along with the video showing Pakistani and Turkish producers holding detailed discussions, a caption was added which went like this:

“So glad to share that our team and producers Dr. Junaid Shah and Dr. Kashif Ansari are working extremely hard and efficiently to bring Pakistan’s biggest ever collaboration with Turkey – Selahaddin Eyyubi – to life. As you can see, pre-production work is being done very professionally and at a fast pace so insha Allah you will be seeing this series on your screens very soon. Proud to be associated with this project!”

Earlier, it was also revealed that from the Pakistani set of actors who auditioned for this joint production, Ayesha Omar, Ushna Shah, Junaid Akhtar and Farhan Ally Agha have been finalized.



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