Husband arrested for hacking wife’s facebook account

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An unusual incident occurred in Taiwan where a husband was sent to jail for hacking his wife’s Facebook account.

According to international media reports, the husband was arrested and sentenced to three months in jail for violating his wife’s social media privacy.

Reports stated that last year in May, the wife had left her husband and their home due to an argument. After that, the woman cut off all contact with her husband, including not responding to phone calls and messages.

However, after a few months, the husband decided to hack his wife’s Facebook account and send a message to their daughter and mother-in-law apologizing for his mistake, urging them to resolve the matter promptly.

The husband logged into the wife’s Facebook account twice to deliver the message to his daughter and mother-in-law. However, as soon as the wife found out that her account had been hacked by her husband, she filed a complaint against him.

After due process, the court, without the wife’s consent, sentenced the husband to three months in jail for using her social media account without permission.


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