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‘I deserve this’: Heartbroken Sarwar lashes out at PTI

Former governor says he was asked to do unconstitutional things by party

Former governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar in his press conference on Sunday lashed out at PTI and stated that he deserved the sacking for tolerating injustice for the last four years.

Earlier in the morning, he was sacked by the ruling party and a new governor of Punjab was appointed. Sarwar said that everyone had reservations about the appointment of Usman Buzdar as the chief minister of Punjab.

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“All of PTI workers – in Punjab, Pakistan – and the federal ministers complained to us whether this was the Pakistan that we wanted where the chief secretary and inspector general are changed every three months,” the former governor said.

“Bribery has reached the grassroots levels, but we vowed to stand with Imran Khan,” said Sarwar. He also said that he voluntarily presented his resignation to PM Khan many times because he was fed up of corruption going on in the province and the blackmailing of the allies.

Sarwar said he was asked to do “unconstitutional things”. He explained that once Buzdar had resigned from his post, despite it not being approved and notified, the prime minister and PTI leadership asked him to call a session of the Punjab Assembly to elect the new CM.

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“I asked them to not make me do illegal things […] I told them that they can have me resign, but I will not do unconstitutional acts,” the ex-governor said.



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