I don’t want to be anyone’s ‘bhai’: Ahad Raza Mir

Despite playing a doting elder brother in his currently running drama serial ‘Hum Tum’, Ahad Raza Mir is least interested in being called a bhai [brother]. This was disclosed by his child co-star, Aina Asif, who happens to be playing his younger sister in the serial.

Aina made it to Nida Yasir’s show a few days back, telling her that when she met Ahad Raza Mir on the first day of the sets and addressed him as “Ahad Bhai”, he responded by saying, “Mujhe bhai mat kehna. Mujhe kisi ka bhai nahi bann’na” [Don’t call me “bhai” (brother). I don’t want to be anyone’s brother]. Having said that, Aina Asif also added that Ahad Raza Mir was one of the best co-stars one can come across. She also took to her Instagram to express her liking for Ahad’s personality, sharing a photo with him and penning a lengthy caption along, which went like this:

“I have no words for this person. He is the best company I could ask for at any shoot. An amazing listener and definitely a fun person to be with. His aura is so comforting. You can never be sad around him, he’ll make you laugh at any situation given. He’s such a genuine and pure soul. Made me feel comfortable around him since the first day. One of the best actors to have by your side and to be working with. Adam Sultan will never be forgotten! I’ve learned so much from him and his acting. It’s so surprising how well he plays every role. A person I look up to! He’s just a great personality over all. Favourite Soldier!”