‘I shouldn’t be in London if Pakistanis are unhappy’, Abrar ul Haq apologizes to his fans

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Abrar ul Haq, a well-known singer and former leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has expressed regret about doing a concert in London.

According to the former PTI leader, “I shouldn’t be in London if Pakistanis are unhappy.”

Abrar ul Haq said he attended the ceremony in London for the charity of a hospital run under the “Sahara Trust” banner when asked about his attendance at the concert.

However, the former PTI leader also said that neither any PTI nor PML-N supporters were responsible for the unpleasant incident that had happened after his concert. He added that a group of journalists tried to interview him but the security of the concert told him that those journalists had planned something. Abrar further claimed that a 65-years old man was earlier evacuated from the concert because he had planned to throw eggs on him.

While giving an interview, he stated that the program had been decided months before he left PTI. He expressed regret if anyone’s feelings were damaged.

Abrar ul Haq claimed to have enjoyed his stay in PTI for close to 13–14 years and once more resisted being pressured to leave the organization.

The singer fell in hot water as he flew to the British capital to perform at an event sponsored by housing and construction expo.

Internet users were quick to observe that singer Abrar ul Haq performed in London not long after saying goodbye to Imran Khan in a news conference that garnered media attention.

Abrar was reportedly surrounded by reporters after the concert as he arrived in the British capital for his performance.