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I simply want justice for my son, Arshad’s mother tells Supreme Court

How Arshad was expelled from Pakistan, Dubai is written in report, statement in court

Slain journalist and anchorperson Arshad Sharif’s mother has asked for justice from the Supreme Court. She said, “I simply want justice for my son.”

Arshad Sharif’s mother used a wheelchair to get to the Supreme Court to seek justice for her son.

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She appeared before the apex court on the second day of the hearing of the suo motu notice in the Arshad Sharif murder case and stated her case.

The mother testified before the court saying, “I only want justice for my son.” She added, “The way Arshad was expelled from Pakistan is written in the report and the way he was expelled from Dubai is also written in the report.”

Arshad’s mother said that she has previously recorded the statement to the investigation team when Justice Mazahar Naqvi instructed her to record the statement of the investigation team.

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According to Chief Justice Arshad Sharif’s mother was the mother of two martyrs and because she has provided the names of several individuals the government should conduct a thorough investigation.

The hearing was adjourned until tomorrow at 12:30 pm by the court which also ordered that other nations’ agencies and the UN be contacted for an investigation.


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