I think women are complete even without men, Sajal Aly

Pakistani actress Sajal Aly has said that she thinks that women are complete even without a man.

Famous actress Sajal Aly, during a digital interview about her film ‘What Love Got To Do With It’, talked about the School of thought on girl marriage in South Asia.

On the question by the host, Sajal Aly replied, “You know that a girl is not incomplete without marriage, if she gets married then it is a very good thing, but if she does not then it does not mean that she is incomplete.”

The actress also said, “I feel complete and I celebrate every day because of the love, respect, and prayers I get from fans.”

“We should not limit girls to a boundary, in the name of marriage nor should we urge them to get married when they are just graduated,” Sajal urged.

Talking about acting, Sajal Aly said that she was afraid of people’s expectations.

“What if I cannot give my best, honestly I do not have so much faith in myself, when people encourage me on my work, I often do not believe it,” Sajal revealed.