ICC changes rules to make T20I World Cup Final fruitful

In case of rain, game is to be played on Monday with extra duration of 2 to 4 hours

Rules have been changed by the Event Technical Committee of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to make the final of the T20 World Cup between Pakistan and England fruitful.

The final of the T20 World Cup will be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between Pakistan and England on Sunday but the Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rain in Melbourne on Sunday and Monday.

The Event Technical Committee has changed the playing conditions to make the final of the T20 World Cup decisive and increase the extra duration of the game from 2 hours to 4 hours in case the result of the match is on the reserve day i.e. Monday.

The ICC has said that every effort will be made to complete the match on Sunday but in case of rain, the match will start at 3 pm on the reserve day on Monday.

According to the Event Technical Committee at least 10 overs of play is required for each side in the knockout stage match of any tournament and any decision regarding the completion of the match will be taken on the day of the match.

According to the ICC, decisions will be taken on Sunday whether to reduce the number of overs to complete the match or if the match is not possible on Sunday then the match should be released the next day.


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