If PDM had not saved country from default, petrol would have been Rs 1,000 a litre, says Nawaz Sharif

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Nawaz Sharif, the leader of PML-N and former Prime Minister, asserted that if the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had not intervened to rescue the nation from a financial crisis, the price of petrol today would have surged to Rs 1,000 per liter.

During his address at a significant consultative meeting with Punjab party officials, Nawaz Sharif emphasized that the individuals responsible for pushing the country into its current state of turmoil are the most significant wrongdoers.

He remarked that in the span of 70 years, no one would have dared to commit such a grave offense, pushing the nation to the brink of financial collapse. He underscored that they had safeguarded Pakistan from default by putting their own political capital at risk.

Nawaz Sharif mentioned that their sacrifice was made wholeheartedly, out of concern for Pakistan’s well-being, and he expressed confidence in their success in the upcoming elections.

The former Prime Minister indicated that they had entrusted the matter to Allah previously and continue to do so, believing that Allah would reward them with success.

Nawaz Sharif went on to compare Pakistan’s economic agenda with that of India, emphasizing that India has progressed significantly by adopting similar economic policies. He pointed out that when a country has to seek assistance from other nations, it compromises its dignity, and the current Prime Minister finds himself compelled to seek aid from foreign countries.

Regarding those responsible for bringing the country to its current state, Nawaz Sharif asserted that they would face severe consequences and be held accountable for their actions.

He argued that those who have adversely affected the lives of 25 crore people are greater criminals than murderers, and it would be a grave injustice to pardon such individuals, as they are beyond forgiveness.


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