Iffat Omar says she won’t be in showbiz anymore

Former model and veteran actress Iffat Omar announced last week that she would be saying goodbye to the drama industry, at-least for now, considering the weak scripts that are coming her way, most of which do not adhere to her ideologies.

She said that it just does not feel appropriate to do work and then feel embarrassed at how badly it has turned out in terms of the messages it is trying to impart, in a way referring to her last project ‘Aye Musht e Khaak’ in which she played the mother of an emotionally volatile and violent spoiled brat which she later on said is something she would never approve of in real life.

When asked what she would do now that she has left acting, the actress said that she will continue with her social media work, and might make a comeback into acting only if offered a really good script.

The majority has expressed happiness at Iffat Omar’s decision, especially at the reason for which she has decided to quit work that she had been doing for so long. They are of the view that not many actors are brave enough to refuse work which is not offering anything healthy either to the people involved or the viewers before which it is being brought.