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IGP orders strict security during last 10 days of Ramazan

Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Rao Sardar Ali Khan has issued orders for the protection of citizens observing Itikaf in all districts of the province, and to make security arrangements for mosques, imambargahs and public places more effective in the last ten days of Ramazan.

The IGP has directed the supervisory officers to formulate a special plan for the security of citizens attending Itikaf at mosques and other places and use all available resources in security arrangements.

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Rao Sardar directed that the data of all citizens sitting in Itikaf in public places should be checked, while close coordination should be maintained with the mosque administration for the identification of miscreants and security of the devotees.

The IGP said that special measures should be taken for the security of Laylat-ul-Qadr gatherings in the last ten days of Ramazan, adding that lady personnel should also be deployed for the security of women worshipers and devotees in sensitive mosques and imambargahs.

Rao Sardar said that walk-through gates should be installed at the main entrances of sensitive mosques and imambargahs, and citizens should only be allowed to enter after a thorough search.

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The IGP directed to make the security arrangements at the entrances and exits effective and said that search, sweep and combing operations should be continued on a daily basis in the vicinity of A category religious and public places.

Rao Sardar said that effective patrolling and blockade should be ensured by increasing the number of patrolling teams around sensitive mosques and imambargahs. He stressed the strict implementation of the Loudspeaker Act so that there could be no threat of spoiling peace.

The IGP, while instructing the supervisory officers, further said that such proscribed organizations which were banned from collecting Zakat and donations by the Punjab Home Department should be strictly monitored.



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