IGP warns against undue punishment to subordinate staff

Inspector General Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar has said that the police is a disciplined force and departmental accountability plays a key role in its professional matters because without self-accountability a person, family, society, and country cannot make progress.
He said that the punishment should be for correction and not because of personal grudge or dislike. In a video message issued to police officers, Dr. Usman Anwar said that the practice of giving big punishments to subordinates for minor mistakes is a clear violation of the Discipline Matrix Standing Order, and after today, if any officer in the orderly room punishes a subordinate in violation of the discipline matrix standing order, “then I myself will hold him accountable”.

IG Punjab said that if an official abuses a citizen, exceeds his powers or duties, and is found guilty of deliberate negligence, it is the responsibility of the police officers to punish such dishonest, law-breaking, and blunt police officials after inquiry, even if he is severely punished, but avoid heavy punishments for pointless and minor mistakes because this tarnishes your reputation as well as lowers the morale of the force. IG Punjab said that giving more than one punishment in the same orderly room is highly inappropriate and deviates from the discipline matrix.

IG Punjab said that supervisory officers should strictly follow the first reward than punishment policy and no show cause should be decided without hearing the official. Dr. Usman Anwar directed the RPOs and DIGs to take merit-based decisions on the appeals submitted by subordinate staff as soon as possible. He directed that the officers should go to the police lines and sit with the constabulary and find out their problems. He said that love and affection towards the force will boost its morale and in this way, the best results can be obtained from them.

Furthermore, IG Punjab addressed officers who were promoted from inspector to the post of DSP by inviting them to the Central Police Office. IG Punjab said that departmental promotion is a reflection of the increase in rank as well as an increase in professional responsibilities. Dr. Usman Anwar said, “I hope that after being promoted, you will stop the hand of the oppressor with more courage and passion and become a helper of the oppressed.” IG Punjab directed that all the promoted officers will leave no stone unturned in the service of the citizens and the good name of the department with their experience and abilities. IG Punjab said that good behavior towards subordinates always leads to achieving the best results and raising morale, so just as the department is taking care of your welfare, you should also utilize all your energies for protecting the life and property, and honor of the citizens. He also emphasized upon force to improve the process of protection of citizens along with the elimination of crimes.